Construction Site Security Patrol

Construction Site Security

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Are you worried about the security of your construction site? Are you in need of security for overnight? If so, count on Hero Security Services. We have been providing personalized security services to our clients since 2006.  Our security guards are well-trained to protect your expensive equipment, tools, attendees, and vendors. We strive to keep your construction site safe and secured against suspicious activities.

  • Construction Site Security Guards

  • After-hours Security

  • Protect Your Worksite

  • Safeguard Your Tools and Construction Material with

  • Onsite Security

  • Pipeline Security

  • Truck & Trailer Yard Security

  • Keep log of incoming & outgoing trailers

  • Protects trailer contents

To watch trailer activity, to keep log of
incoming & outgoing trailers in the yard. Physical watch to protect the content in the trailers until they stay in the yard.

Plan Ahead for Construction Safety and Security

Running a construction site is a large responsibility that entails keen attention to detail. While you may be occupied with ordering materials from suppliers and coordinating designs with the field engineers, have you ever stopped to think that your construction site might be heavily exposed to crimes like vandalism and theft? After all, a worksite is a place with valuable assets and many visiting tradespeople, deliveries, construction workers, and even visitors and casual passersby. The bottom line is this: you can be held liable for a crime or dangerous incident on your construction site – if they do happen! Make the sensible move by planning ahead for construction site security. That’s where the team at Hero Security comes in.

Our Hero Security guards provide onsite Truck and Trailer Yard security by watching trailer activity, keeping logs of incoming and outgoing trailers in the yard, and monitoring the grounds to protect the contents in the trailers until they leave the yard.

Male Security Guard Standing At The Entrance
Construction Site Security

Call for your customized quote to keep your worksite secure

At Hero Security, we understand the unique security concerns surrounding construction sites. That is why we have developed personalized security solutions for our clients in the BC construction industry. Our security guards are highly trained and experienced in mobile patrolling and monitoring worksites. Whether it’s ensuring safety on the site or protecting materials and equipment, our security personnel are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection for your construction project.

Need on-site security guards anywhere in BC? Call us to arrange your team.