Loss Prevention Services

Loss Prevention Services

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Hero Security provides loss prevention services (LPS) to national, local retailers and mid -sized firms that focus on eliminating internal and external theft and fraud. Our guards monitor your store by doing regular rounds and controlling the comings and goings of customers, as required. Our Licensed Prevention Officers (LPO) will reduce your losses and risk, which increases your profits, assets and reputation. Our loss prevention services include security guards who act as a visible deterrent to potential thieves and can quickly respond to any security threat. As well, our guards are trained to identify and mitigate security risks, such as weak points in a store’s layout or procedures that may lead to theft. We also provide valuable insights into trends in crime and help you develop strategies to prevent future losses. In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, investing in loss prevention services provides peace of mind and profit.

Parking & Parking Lot Security

It’s a universal fact that parkades and parking lots spell out a great venue for all sorts of crime. Apart from worrying about your safety, you also need to take into consideration that your clients may also be in harm’s way every time they use parking facility. To address the problem and keep the area safe, we have officers who can do a full patrol of any given parking facility. As a business owner, providing security for your staff exiting the building and finding their way to their vehicle, especially at night, is critically important. Our security guards will patrol your parking lot after hours to ensure that staff members make it safely to their vehicles, and provide added security for any visitors or contractors who may also be on-site at night. Having security guards in the parking lot will greatly contribute to a safe and secure work environment for your employees.

Parking and Parking Lot Security
Apartment Complex Security

Apartment Complex Security

Apartment buildings and complexes are common targets for break-ins, and the worse thing about it is that the criminal usually goes unnoticed. Hero Security provides competent and professional officers who complete routine checks of each floor, parkade facilities, and common areas for any suspicious people or activities. At Hero Security, we understand the importance of security in apartment complexes. The close-knit nature of these communities makes them particularly vulnerable to break-ins and intrusions, and residents deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected. Our security guards are highly trained and experienced in handling any potential security issues that may arise. In addition, our guards are skilled at diffusing tense situations and can act as a deterrent for would-be criminals to prevent trouble before it starts. When you choose Hero Security guards for your apartment complex, you can rest assured that your community’s security is in capable hands.

Fire Watch Security

Hero Security provides security guards for fire departments, commercial properties, construction, restoration companies and remote work sites that have come under BC Fire Code regulation, Municipal/City bylaws and Fire Protection & Prevention Act requirements. A fire watch is also required when “hot work” is being performed during construction or restoration projects. Our Fire Watch security guards work diligently to watch for fires in the areas affected. They are familiar with facilities and procedures for raising the alarm in the event of a fire and notifying emergency services. Our security professionals fully patrol buildings at least once per hour on a 24-hour basis until the fire alarm and/or fire protection system has been restored to normal operating condition.

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Fire Watch Security
Hero Security Guard entering building

First Aid (Level 1/2/3) + Security

We provide well trained First Aid (OFA Level 1/2 /3) officers available depending upon your needs. All first aid trained officers comply with WorkSafeBC first aid regulations. Depending on the hazard rating of your work site, the number of workers and driving time to the hospital, WorkSafeBC may stipulate you have to have one or more qualified First Aid Attendants on-site. Your first aid attendants need to be certified at one of three levels of Workplace Occupational First Aid. Most sites within twenty minutes of the hospital require one or more First Aid Attendants with Level 1 First Aid certification. If you need to hire one of our security guards with first Occupational First Aid certification, call us to discuss the specifics to make sure you are in compliance with WorkSafeBC law.

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